Frequently Asked Questions


What is myM8te?

The idea behind MyM8te is simple. It combines the advantages of an online business directory, with its comprehensive list of self-employed professionals, with the personal connections of a social media website. So when you search the site for someone to do a job, you get a recommendation from someone you know and trust.

Do I have to register to use myM8te?

You can use MyM8te as a standard online business directory without registering. Registering opens up the unique benefits of myM8te, allowing you to connect with your social media friends and reveal which local traders they use and recommend.

How do I use myM8te?

Simply click on Register and fill in your name, email address, and postcode. You will also fill in a username and password. You can then recommend as many mates as you like – they may already use the site, or you might introduce new people.

How do I search for someone on myM8te?

Searching for people on MyM8te is easy. Log in and then type in the type of trader or service you are looking for (for example, 'plumber' or 'gardener') and your postcode. You'll then have a list of businesses to choose from. See the ones with "M8te connections"? These are the traders that are recommended by, or linked to, your friends and family. You can search for different tradespeople as many times as you like.

Is my business listing on myM8te free?

The basic user profile is free to everyone. However, if you would like a greater presence on the site you can pay for a Business Subscription. This gives you benefits such as a full business profile. You can display your work by uploading images to your gallery, and display customer reviews. Customers can email you to invite you to take on more work. You can try a Business Subscription for 3 months for free and if you decide to cancel within that 3 months, you pay us nothing.

Why should I recommend a friend to use myM8te?

Where would we be without our mates? It is satisfying to help out a mate by recommending they use a trusted tradesperson you personally know, or have used yourself and found to be good. MyM8te enables you to do that by giving you the opportunity to recommend your friends who have particular skills, to a wider network. It works in the same way as other social media sites, putting people in touch with each other. You can rate and comment on people who have worked for you, and pass on these valuable recommendations to your friends.

What type of businesses can I search for on myM8te?

Almost any type of business can be found on MyM8te, although typically they are self-employed people who provide a service. For example, MyM8te can help you find the best local plumber, lawyer, hairdresser or graphic designer – and many will be backed up by trusted recommendations from people you actually know.

What if I don’t find many people I know on myM8te?

When you first join MyM8te, you might find that many of your friends are already on our site. If so, you can connect with them right away. If you’re the first of your friends to discover MyM8te, you can still find useful reviews left by other site users, and when you invite your friends to join, you can link with them and make full use of the reviews your own M8tes have given. We’ll always show you recommendations from your M8tes first, and from everyone else second – because we all trust our own M8tes most.

What happens if I’m recommended a company who does a bad job?

Like most social media sites, myM8te is based on trust. MyM8te is a means of facilitating a relationship between you, your friends and professionals. Ultimately you decide whether to take up the recommendations that your friends make. And if you have an issue with someone's work, that is a matter for you and them to resolve. For more information, see our terms and conditions.

What happens if someone unfairly criticises my work on myM8te?

People who have taken on work through MyM8te will have an opportunity to respond to any comments made about them. This might be either positive or negative. However, if you encounter any kind of abuse, please report it at Admin.