How myM8te is different to other referral sites

Who do I trust the most?
  • Family and friends recommendations
  • Customer Feedback
  • Contact Details
  • Customer Feedback
  • Contact Details
  • Contact Details

myM8te is different – and better – than all the other 'find a trader' websites as it lets you get quick recommendations from your real life mates; people you know and trust.

Imagine you need a plumber. You might ask a family member which plumber they have used. You immediately feel confident about the plumber because they are recommended by someone you know.

Now imagine being able to access recommendations from loads of your family members, friends and contacts for all sorts of local traders and businesses in your area. myM8te lets you do this quickly with the click of a mouse! You don't have to ring round, wait for your mate to remember and find contact details for a trader – it's all there on the screen and you can contact their recommended person immediately.

You can add your feedback on the traders you use on myM8te so your friends can see who YOU recommend too.

If you're a local trader, myM8te lets you grow your business in a friendly and organic way. Your happy customers can share their feedback and recommend you to ALL their friends, family and contacts, 24 hours a day.


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