A Little Bit About Us

As an entrepreneur, Andy Keech is always brimming with ideas – and this particular idea has stood the test of time.

Andy first came up with the idea of myM8te when Facebook and Twitter were not yet part of our everyday lives. It took a while for people to get the idea at first, but as online networking grew in popularity, myM8te made more and more sense.

The idea is as simple as it is original: myM8te enables users to find people to carry out jobs who have been recommended by their friends, family members and contacts.

"People love to share, rate and comment on things online. That's why myM8te works so well. People find it intuitive and see how it is a win-win for them and their friends."

"Their mates get a job done by someone who is trusted while their self-employed mates get to extend their network of customers."

Andy Keech myM8te Director