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Are you a builder, plumber, dog-walker, hairdresser, accountant, fitness instructor, or do you provide any other service directly to customers?

Whether you’ve been in business for years, or even if you’ve just started out, your friends and family can help you get to the top when customers search for people like you, from your first day with myM8te…because myM8te combines a social networking site with a trusted traders site.

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Who do we trust?... Our M8tes!

When you need a job doing, you can see who your friends recommend… right away, all in one place! MyM8te saves you time.

To find a good service provider, you could phone around and ask your friends’ advice on who they suggest, then maybe wait a few days while your friend remembers to dig out that person’s phone number for you… OR you can connect to your friends on myM8te, and see the service providers they know, use and recommend...

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Want to know more about the person your M8te recommends?

You can see which of your M8tes knows that person and/or has used their services before.

You can view other jobs they’ve worked on, see the full list of services they provide, and read customer reviews... And you can contact the provider right away.

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